AS31027 - Nianet A/S Peering policy.

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About Nianet A/S

Nianet A/S is a service provider located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nianet A/S provides high speed MPLS VPN and Internet services to corporate customers in Denmark as well as wholesale Internet to power utility companies, cable operators, and hosting providers.

Nianet A/S operates an n x 10 Gbps nationwide network in Denmark with 60+ POPs spread over the country. Internet connectivity is secured through diverse and redundant fibers to Hamburg, Germany as well as wavelengths or other transport services to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe.

Public peering

Nianet A/S is present at the following Internet exchanges:

DIX (Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark)
AMS-IX (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Germany)
Netnod (Stockholm, Sweden)
SOL-IX (Stockholm, Sweden)
STHIX (Stockholm, Sweden)

Private peering

Nianet A/S is available for private peering at our data centres:

Nianet A/S is also present at the following data centres:

Requirements for peering with Nianet A/S

Nianet A/S has a simple peering policy and is generally interested in peering with other providers in situations where both parties benefit similarly from peering.

Meeting the requirements specified below is not a guarantee that Nianet A/S will peer with applicant.

Common Requirements

Requirements for Public Peering

Requirements for Private Peering

How to proceed

If you feel you meet the above requirements, feel free to contact Nianet peering coordinators using the contact information found on the page linked at the top of this text. After we receive your request, we will look at traffic amounts, ratios and common locations and pass the data on to our peering board, "NINA" ("Nianet Internet Neighbour Assesment") for decision.

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